Saturday, January 8, 2011

hansel... so hot right now... hansel

Storytime... So I've been living in Berlin for a couple of years now. As I've mentioned in earlier blogs, my brother Naw was staying with me for the summer, and he ended up doing some work for a rad mag, based in Berlin, called Lodown. He got to know the editor, Sven, quite well and they'd been hanging out a bunch. Sven has all manner of projects on the go, one of which is a brand consulting company called Brand New History. They were organising a new catalogue shoot for a Berlin based clothing company called Irie Daily and Sven asked Naw if he'd be interested in doing some modelling for them. Unfortunately, Naw had just booked his flights back to Oz and was going to miss the shoot by a week or so. He then went on to mention... "But, I do have a twin brother..." to which Sven said "Cool, get him to send me some pictures..." So Naw informed me and I set up some self portraits to show my range (in my fetching Unite flanno)... Ha ha... Anyway, Sven was stoked, the shoot went ahead, and a couple of months later, I now find myself the star of a full page Irie Daily ad in Bright and Vice Germany magazines. A new career perhaps? Perhaps not...


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  1. Yeah, KAT digs the bungy, its the way he lives his life, he grips it and rips it