Tuesday, October 1, 2013

the first day of winter...

On the 1st of June this year, I took part in a project working towards a concept magazine for the publication White Horses. As it was to be the first day of winter the idea of editor Gra Murdoch was to gather stories and imagery from his contributors around the world with the hope that the day would provide enough gold for a strong feature...
As it turned out, such were the quality of submissions, the project soon took over the issue, and in early September, White Horses sixth issue "Winterfell" hit the shelves, jam packed with pictures and words from the first day of winter, 2013...
I had a couple of photos make the cut (see previous blog post, here) but thought I would scribble a post on MY day, from start to finish... It was spontaneous, adventurous and fun filled from start to finish, time spent with old friends, new friends and best friends... Sweet life...

Having arrived from the UK less than a week ago, early starts have become the norm for my girl Lucy as the effects of jetlag cling to her bewildered body clock. Though the ripples in Broken Bay were barely rideable, the fireworks in the sky made it a memorable morning.

There’s not too many better ways to start a day, after an early morning paddle, than with a large pot of black gold and a well-filled omlette. Now you see it, now you don’t!
A weekend road trip adventure to Woolongong was decided upon to make the most of welcoming winter. Stopping briefly along Botany Bay to let the dog stretch her legs, I couldn’t help but ponder the incredible view first time visitors to Sydney are afforded as I watched plane after plane touching down from the south east. Welcome to Australia!
Grab the missus, man’s best friend, pack a board and hit the road. What better way to get winter underway?
After grabbing some lunch in the ‘Gong, we swung by “Stoke Factory” (the ware/halfway house of Zion, Iamnone and Stoke Machine) to catch up with a couple of friends and have a shred on the megafun miniramp! Tom Rigby taking a break from the stock room with a front tail and a fakie 5-0. 

3:30pm to 5:00pm
A small swell and regular rain couldn’t stop the smiles at The Farm. What better way to catch up with friends (and make a couple of new ones) than to share a couple of spillers in the incredible surrounds of one of Australia’s beautiful national parks? Cheers for the good vibes Jase Finlay and Peter Hopkins!

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