Saturday, November 20, 2010

ferg's superbank...

My recent trip to the Baltic Sea brought memories of my 2009 winter in Ireland flooding back. I spent four months chasing swells up and down the coast with Fergal Smith, Tom Lowe and Mickey Smith, filming for "Powers of Three". Some of my fondest memories were cruising a little further north; touring, surfing, exploring and learning about all things Irish, care of tour guide extraordinaire Ferg. Just the two of us trying to get "a clip a day" in what were often less than inviting conditions. The day of this little clip brought wind, rain and hail before clearing to reveal an amazing rainbow and sunset. Somewhere in between the madness, Ferg managed to snag this dredging superbank barrel. Hope this season's just as good brother, for slabs and sandbanks... Woop!

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