Friday, November 19, 2010

three six six thursdays... why kitz you ask?

 So, earlier this week I resigned from my job in Berlin and will be moving back to the alps for my first full winter in three years. Am I excited? Yes. Yes I am. Even more so when combing through 30/366 images and finding these two bangers from February 8th 2008. Twas an amazing bluebird pow day so, from memory, I actually did more riding than shooting!
The first pic is of good friend Matt Hidding dropping off an annual Raintal windlip, with Saffa pal Paul Rayner shooting a different angle in the background. The second pic is actually from the end of the day. It's a small area with mostly short mellow bowls and no lift access so it rarely gets hit... but is well worth the short hike to pick off a couple of lines... Drop there, turn here, pop there, ride out, then hike back up and do it all again! I can't wait...

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  1. ha ha, cool, i instantly recognised the shot from his body position, even though it was from the other angle.