Saturday, May 7, 2011

disposable heroes...

Another of the side features to appear in Riptide 180 was a collage of pics from the guys I was cruising with, alongside some of my penned thoughts on the demise of the photo album in the digital world. Basically one of my mini projects over the Canarian season was to have each of the guys fill a cheap, disposable camera with images of their trip. No rules, no cheating, just get snap happy and hope for the best, hence the disposable heroes. 
I was really stoked with some of the images the guys captured so I thought I'd give them an extra run online... And so I present to you, Ryan Hardy, Dave Winchester, Damian King and Ben Player, the disposable heroes...
The RT 180 feature...
Ryan's rainbow... RH
A photog's photog and a wee man... RH
Hack's gone bananas... RH
Kingston... DK
Always The Joker... DK
Last night groupies... DW
Wing shoots colourful Ben... playing with cactus... DW
Guapas... BP
Beeps dream car... BP
Through the forest... BP
To the top of the world... BP

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