Saturday, February 4, 2012

first time first page...

I was super surprised and stoked when I awoke Thursday morning to find a photo of mine on the cover of Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine Issue 186
I'd say it's pretty much a dream come true for any photographer and, understandably, I'm over the moon! 
Even more stoked that it's the talented Mr Jack Johns boosting into the stratosphere at Fronton, and onto his second Riptide cover. 
London brothers making it happen yo!
Thanks to Tim Leeson for the selection, to Jack and Jeff for pushing it that session, and to my family and friends and colleagues for supporting me and my love of photography over the years. Much love yo!
Riptide 186, Jack Johns at Fronton

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  1. congrat ! First time for a english men on the riptide cover ?