Friday, September 7, 2012

le bron's time is now...

Here's another larger than life commercial production I played a small part in late last year (again as a trainee grip), Nike's "My Time is Now" campaign which featured in the lead up to this years EM. The five or so seconds we worked on (from about 1m18s) was with none other than basketballer Le Bron James, arguably this generations Michael Jordan
Production apparently had a maximum of two hours with King James, who'd flown in on a charter flight from Miami with a solid entourage. The whole scene was pretty funny... Jay Z and Weezy playing between takes and a lot of swagger on set... What really surprised me was just how obvious it was that Le Bron LOVES basketball. 
Maybe that might seem like an odd thing to say, but seeing the best basketballer in the world unable to keep the ball out of his hands, dribbling, dunking over anything hanging around the 10ft mark, pretty much like a kid with his favourite new toy, was pretty awesome to watch... 
Super stoked with the final product too! Nice work Nike!

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